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Boutique Startup Studio Super{set} Secures Yet Another $90 million Investment

Startup studio super{set} recently celebrated a lucrative exit with the sale of marketing company Habu to LiveRamp for $200 million in January. Now, the studio is bolstering its financial resources with an additional $90 million investment as it reaffirms its commitment to building enterprise startups.

“Since our inception, our focus at super{set} has remained unchanged: we are dedicated to creating companies grounded in data and AI within the venture studio model,” explained Tom Chavez, the founding managing partner, in an interview with TechCrunch.

While super{set} has maintained its core mission, the market landscape has evolved significantly since its establishment in 2019. The strategy of developing “admittedly boring but bountiful products,” as previously described by TechCrunch, has proven to be a wise investment. With a total funding of $176 million secured thus far, super{set} is doubling down on its approach.

In a field crowded with venture studios, super{set} distinguishes itself through the expertise of its founders. Chavez and his fellow founding managing partner, Vivek Vaidya, bring a wealth of experience, having previously co-founded successful ventures such as Krux (acquired by Salesforce) and Rapt (acquired by Microsoft). The substantial earnings from these exits are being reinvested into super{set}, aligning the interests of the founders with those of external investors.

“Our investors appreciate this alignment; they recognize that our interests are fully aligned with the outcomes and investments we make,” Chavez noted. “Additionally, we are fortunate to have a diverse group of limited partners (LPs) who offer valuable expertise and pose insightful questions about our strategic direction.”

As super{set} continues to expand its portfolio of enterprise startups, the infusion of capital and the collective experience of its leadership team position the studio for continued success in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

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