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Fintiba GmbH

Fintiba GmbH: Transforming Financial Relocation through Tailored Solutions

Vision for International Integration!

The international relocation industry plays a crucial role in simplifying the complex processes faced by individuals seeking educational and professional opportunities abroad. This industry’s mission is to ensure the seamless integration of internationals into new environments, empowering them with tailor-made solutions for their unique needs and aspirations.

One prominent player within this industry that stands out is Fintiba GmbH, an innovative organization committed to revolutionizing the financial sector for internationals in Germany. Through its array of digital solutions and personalized assistance, Fintiba has become a trusted associate for individuals worldwide, guiding them through the difficulties of visa applications and residency requirements with efficiency and reliability.

From digital blocked accounts to comprehensive health insurance coverage, each offering of Fintiba is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by internationals seeking to study or work in Germany. Through its innovative solutions, this company has revolutionized this sector, making the prospect of relocating to Germany not only feasible but also fetching a global audience.

Let’s explore how Fintiba has streamlined the relocation process and empowering internationals to thrive in their new environment:

Empowering Internationals in Germany

Fintiba’s mission is to ensure the success of internationals in Germany by empowering them with tailor-made financial solutions. Fintiba serves as the first point of contact and a trusted entity for anyone who wishes to study or work in Germany.

To facilitate the success of internationals, Fintiba provides financial products and for to the needs of internationals for their visa application and their stay in Germany.

The core service includes a digital blocked account and the option to obtain health insurance coverage. Both are legally required for those applying for a visa from a non-EU country to study or work in Germany.

Before the establishment of Fintiba, both processes were extremely complex, time-consuming, and lacked transparency. This often resulted in many internationals not making it to Germany in time or not at all.

With its innovative processes and products, not only in financial products but also products for daily life like a SIM-Card and a digital companion with an individual and tailored step-by-step guide, Fintiba has simplified the journey to Germany and made the country even more attractive for internationals. This guide assists customers on their way to and during their time in Germany.

A Journey Towards Innovation

During the professional career of the founder of Fintiba, Bastian Krieghoff, there were numerous instances in which he crossed borders for work or study – to countries such as China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Each instance involved a significant amount of bureaucracy and unclear requirements.

In a previous banking career, the founder was responsible for strategic projects and the digitization of a bank’s private client division. This role also involved engagement with fintechs and exposure to many new innovative approaches and business models.

Upon realizing the numerous requirements for a visa in Germany and the time-consuming process for providing proof of funds and proof of insurance, the founder thought: This can be improved! Since 2016, along with a founding team of six people, efforts have been made to build better products for internationals on their way to Germany.

Now, Fintiba is one of the leading providers worldwide for internationals coming to Germany and has grown to more than 70 employees with more than 300,000 clients within the last few years.

Innovative Services for Successful Integration in Germany

Fintiba offers high-quality products and services that are absolutely secure and regulatory impeccable. It is the leading provider offering its products in more than 190 countries, catering to almost every nationality in the world, including minors. All documents are accepted worldwide by all German embassies, consulates, and foreign offices.

The processes are digitally designed and customized based on the customer’s needs. The main goal is to make the lives of internationals more convenient and enable them to be successful in Germany. Additionally, Fintiba localizes its products and services to meet the requirements of different regions. Personal customer service aims to help every customer in a fast and reliable manner.

The core differentiation is customer-centricity, which creates a premium value for the clients. Fintiba’s processes are highly efficient, delivering the best available customer support on the market. The focus on innovation ensures fast and easy access for Fintiba’s clients to solutions required along their journey to Germany.

Fintiba is, so far, the only provider with an instant and legally binding blocking confirmation in less than 10 minutes as of registration with Fintiba. Until now, Fintiba has been the only provider where clients get an account at a German bank, which includes full protection under the German official deposit protection scheme for any money with Fintiba.

Fintiba also differentiates itself from the competition by adding services that ease the entire journey to Germany and make Fintiba the companion on the way. Their companion tool, a personalized checklist for all the necessary steps on the way to Germany, functions as a personal guide through all requirements.

Custom-designed product solutions like SIM cards, German learning tools, and liability insurance prepare internationals already abroad for the necessities for their future life. Access to the Fintiba community and ambassadors program helps to settle on a personal level and find partners for exchange and advice.

Ensuring Compliance through Strategic Measures

Fintiba ensures compliance with German regulations through a series of measures. Since 2016, it has been working with fully regulated bank and insurance partners in Germany, providing a solid foundation for financial security and regulatory compliance. The management at Fintiba has decades of experience in the banking sector, contributing to the development of innovative and reliable financial products.

All processes at Fintiba are designed to comply with regulatory requirements, with defined change processes, including extensive testing of new processes and products to ensure that innovation does not compromise security or compliance. This strategic focus and commitment to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and customer safety have made Fintiba the recognized choice for international students and other internationals moving to Germany.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Fintiba strives to be the swiftest, simplest, and most reliable partner for internationals who wish to come to Germany. The premium value of all their products is based on a five-pillar framework:

  • Surprisingly easy: Fintiba promptly reviews all customer processes to simplify them for their clients. They communicate in the language of their customers to guide them effortlessly through complex requirements.
  • Surprisingly fast: Fintiba is the quickest provider of blocking confirmations globally and continues to enhance the speed of all its services and products.
  • Best customer service: Despite being a digital company, clients can expect superior customer service from Fintiba’s client service department in case of any questions or issues. They serve their clients in multiple languages, and clients can choose their preferred channel to get in touch with Fintiba by email or phone, using the AI chatbot or the sophisticated help center, which is available in more than six languages.
  • Reliable and trusted partner: Fintiba aims to be the most trusted provider of blocked accounts globally. They create a feeling of safety and trust in all aspects not only for their customers but also for their partners worldwide.
  • Premium value: Fintiba defends its leading position with enhanced features and service, unique design, advanced use of technology, and a high level of customization and personalization for the customers.

Simplifying International Banking and Insurance

Banking abroad, especially the need for a blocked account, already comes with many hurdles and complexities. Often neglected, but sometimes even more complex, is the requirement of providing sufficient insurance coverage.

The necessary insurance depends on factors such as age, type of university, preparatory courses, etc. Fintiba has done an intensive job of servicing all needs in one personalized package (Fintiba Plus). Every customer receives exactly what they need and doesn’t need to worry about anything. The Fintiba Plus package includes:

  • Individual insurance solution according to the student’s situation, Fintiba bundles the individually required insurance (travel, private, public).
  • Free travel health insurance is included in the Fintiba Plus package.
  • Automatic electronic insurance notifications to universities.
  • Digital doctors’ vouchers for immediate treatments in Germany even before the insurance card is issued.

Facilitating International Accommodation and Integration

Customers of Fintiba receive assistance and access to a variety of platforms that provide accommodation to internationals.

Fintiba also partners with the largest guest family network in Germany to offer a unique accommodation solution for newcomers to Germany. Living with a guest family provides immediate social integration and help with administrative tasks, bypassing typical housing bureaucracy. Their vetted network covers major German cities, ensuring safety and comfort. The package includes accommodation, meals, and access to laundry facilities. It’s a supportive and culturally enriching start for those beginning their journey in Germany.

In addition, Fintiba customers can obtain private liability insurance and proof of creditworthiness for their landlords, which are often requirements for renting accommodation.

Fintiba also offers German language learning

Learning the German language, whether as a student or a working professional, not only simplifies life but also opens countless opportunities for professional and personal enhancement. Together with their partner Deutsch perfekt, Fintiba has assembled different language learning offers. Customers receive a free welcome guide as well as the opportunity to read the language learning magazine “Deutsch perfekt.”

Upholding Data Security in Digital Services

Fintiba ensures the security and confidentiality of its customers’ financial and personal information through a multi-layered approach that integrates the latest in cybersecurity and data protection practices. Firstly, having worked with a fully regulated bank in Germany since 2016 means that Fintiba adheres to stringent European and German banking and data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The experienced management team at Fintiba understands the critical importance of data security and employs state-of-the-art encryption technologies to safeguard all data transmissions. This includes the use of secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for all communications between clients and the Fintiba servers, ensuring that personal and financial information is transmitted securely over the internet.

Additionally, critical connections are secured via 2-factor authentication, and customer data is stored in encrypted databases. To ensure a consistently working production environment, they utilize test-driven development.

Furthermore, Fintiba has defined change processes that include extensive testing of new processes and products. This ensures that any updates or changes to the system undergo rigorous security checks before being implemented, minimizing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Finally, all employees at Fintiba undergo regular training conducted by an independent data protection officer to ensure they are up to date with the latest data security practices and that data security remains at the forefront of all activities.

Harnessing Technology for Seamless Financial Management

Fintiba is a leader in technology and harnesses the power of technology to revolutionize the financial landscape for internationals in Germany. Through its user-friendly digital platform, clients can seamlessly navigate essential tasks such as opening blocked accounts, managing finances, and submitting documentation online. Automation streamlines processes, accelerating turnaround times and enhancing efficiency.

AI-powered chatbots provide instant customer support, while robust data security measures ensure the protection of sensitive information. Mobile accessibility enables clients to stay connected on the go, and API integration with partner institutions facilitates seamless transactions. By leveraging technology in these ways, Fintiba delivers a streamlined and customer-centric experience, simplifying the complexities of financial relocation to Germany.

Tailoring Services for a Global Customer Base

Fintiba has successfully addressed challenges related to serving a diverse international customer base from over 190 countries. They offer tailored services specifically for international students and other individuals moving to Germany, ensuring a personalized experience. Their multilingual platform and customer support tackle language barriers, making the bureaucratic German processes straightforward and understandable even for non-German speakers.

Fintiba has designed the entire procedure for opening a blocked account online with minimal bureaucracy, making it quick and easy for users. This approach helps navigate the complex regulatory requirements for studying or working in Germany – and over 300,000 internationals have already benefited from the services on their way to Germany.

Long-Term Success through Comprehensive Services

Fintiba is constantly extending the range of products and services offered. For example, the offering was extended by a SIM card, which is sent to the home country of internationals coming to Germany, ensuring they are ready to go when they arrive at the airport. In the future, Fintiba will offer a current account for everyone coming to Germany, which is tailored to the needs of internationals in Germany.

Fintiba strives to accompany its customers across the whole journey with everything they need to succeed. This means that Fintiba will serve them locally in specific markets but also offers additional products and services for their way to Germany, as well as for their success in Germany in the long term.