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Lendingkart Secures $10 million to Boost Lending Initiatives for MSMEs

Through external commercial borrowing from a fund run by “BlueOrchard,” a global impact investment manager and member of the Schroders Group, the fintech business Lendingkart has raised $10 million.

“We regard this investment as evidence of our steadfast commitment to helping MSMEs in India. It is a confirmation of our goal to support business and democratize access to financing,” Lendingkart Group Founder and CEO Harshvardhan Lunia said in a statement.

According to the company, further loan efforts for MSMEs would be supported by this cash. In June 2023, Lendingkart secured ₹200 crore in long-term debt investment from EvolutionX Debt Capital, a growth-stage debt financing platform. The company recorded a net profit of ₹116 crore for the fiscal year 2023.

With the $10 million in finance that Lendingkart has secured for MSMEs, a new age of financial empowerment has begun. Find out how this financial infusion can transform lending for Indian small businesses. Fintech giant Lendingkart reached a huge milestone: obtaining a sizeable $10 million investment. This move has the potential to completely change the small company financing market in India. This funding round, which comes from well-known global impact investment manager BlueOrchard, is significant for Lendingkart’s goal of enabling MSMEs (micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) all throughout the country.

The main goal of this capital infusion is to support Lendingkart’s future financing initiatives that are specifically designed for MSMEs. Lendingkart hopes to close the financial gap that frequently prevents small business owners from expanding and remaining viable by putting these money directly into the hands of these entrepreneurs.
The brilliant CEO and founder of Lendingkart Group, Harshvardhan Lunia, praised the investment as a decisive confirmation of the business’s unwavering dedication to helping Indian MSMEs. Lunia underlined that the funding is unquestionable proof of Lendingkart’s commitment to democratizing financial access and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The $10 million infusion will be wisely used to improve Lendingkart’s lending capabilities, enabling the business to provide loans to a wider range of MSMEs. Through the use of cutting-edge technological tools, such as advanced big data analysis and machine learning algorithms, Lendingkart hopes to accelerate the loan approval process and the distribution of funds to small business owners who deserve them.

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