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Lilly Contractors Celebrates First Anniversary of Growth in Limerick

On the occasion of the first anniversary since Lilly contractors commenced construction in Raheen, a celebratory open day was organized in the vicinity. Dave Riordan, the site lead of Lilly in Raheen, expressed his profound sentiment, stating, “The progress we are making here truly signifies the creation of something exceptional, and I am honored to contribute to the narrative of Lilly Limerick.” This sentiment was shared as the milestone of the first year of construction at their cutting-edge facility was commemorated.

Lilly, a biopharmaceutical company, is actively developing its manufacturing hub on the outskirts of the Raheen Industrial Estate, a move set to bring numerous employment opportunities to the region. The Raheen site is well on its way to full operational capacity by 2026, as confirmed by Mr. Riordan.

The anniversary event saw the participation of company executives, alongside local political and business figures, highlighting the collaborative effort and community engagement. Currently, the site hosts 150 permanent staff members engaged in equipment testing amidst ongoing construction activities. Significant strides have been made in laying foundations and establishing crucial infrastructure, with the installation of prominent Lilly corporate branding in November.

The construction site witnesses a daily influx of 2,500 workers contributing to the project’s advancement, while recruitment drives are underway to fill approximately 350 permanent positions within Lilly’s local workforce. Eamonn Warren, a key executive from Lilly’s Indiana headquarters, visited Limerick for the first time to witness the site’s development, underscoring the company’s commitment to its expansion plans. Mr. Warren expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to engage with the new Lilly team members and external stakeholders, gaining insights into the achievements of the past year in Raheen.

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