You are currently viewing Madrona and Point72 Ventures invest $10 million in an AI Business to Automate Intricate Procedures
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Madrona and Point72 Ventures invest $10 million in an AI Business to Automate Intricate Procedures

Tektonic AI, a recent Seattle startup, has secured $10 million to advance the development of its artificial intelligence-powered software, which uses AI to automate commercial processes.

Businesses employ a variety of current techniques, such as robotic process automation (RPA) software, to automate monotonous processes.

However, they are constrained in the case of more intricate workflows involving dynamic data and processes. Tektonic AI fills that need. The five-person business is developing artificial intelligence (AI) agents that can comprehend natural language inquiries and assist staff in completing tasks more quickly across a range of platforms and apps. At first, the company’s main priority is assisting revenue and sales teams with duties like quoting and renewals.

According to CEO and founder of Tektonic Nic Surpatanu, employees are spending more time switching between software programs as a result of the last 20 years’ growth of apps.

He claimed that there hasn’t yet been a practical method to reduce the amount of laborious effort needed to integrate those apps, particularly when dealing with sophisticated data or dynamic contextual requirements.

“To complete their work, people are manipulating tables and forms,” he remarked. “I think there must be a more effective method.” According to Surpatanu, generative AI isn’t yet advanced enough to assist a business in accurately pricing a product, for instance. However, it can comprehend a user’s request to utilize a computational program to locate the solution.

Tektonic aims to serve as the intermediary between those two endeavors. According to Surpatanu, “I think this is the way we’ll do this tiresome work in the future.” Tektonic is one of the more recent AI firms that want to transform how businesses utilize their data. CEO of Box Aaron Levie discussed how generative AI may assist businesses in making sense of unstructured corporate data in a recent piece.

He added, “In particular, multimodal models enable us to use a computer to process this content and virtually carry out any task that a human can, but at infinite scale and speed.” “This completely changes the way that information is worked with in the enterprise.”

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