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To Widen Outbound Travel Market in China, Malaysia Airlines Collaborates with Huawei

Malaysia Airlines and Huawei have formed a strategic relationship to transform the national airline’s digital landscape using Huawei Consumer Cloud Services’ sophisticated digital technologies. This agreement will allow Malaysia Airlines to obtain deeper insights into traveler preferences and more efficiently analyse industry trends, ultimately improving its customer-centric service strategy.

Huawei Consumer Cloud Services will supply Malaysia Airlines with advertising, marketing, and traffic monetization services via the Petal Ads marketing platform, allowing the airline to expand into the Chinese market. This partnership demonstrates Malaysia Airlines’ commitment to fulfilling different consumer needs by utilizing data-driven personalized recommendations and targeted ad placements to improve its marketing strategy.

The relationship, which was formalized at the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 in Dongguan, represents a significant step forward for both parties amid a backdrop of over 100 on-site events at the event. It promises to provide passengers with a full, tailored travel experience, according to a release. Furthermore, Malaysia Airlines will use the Huawei Consumer Cloud Services Advertising Platform to improve its brand and services in the Chinese market, optimize customer experience, and attract more Chinese travellers to pick Malaysia Airlines for their travel needs.

“We are excited to collaborate with Huawei and leverage their digital capabilities to expand our reach in APAC.” Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) CEO Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi stated that the strategic alliance intends to enhance consumer engagement through personalized experiences and creative solutions tailored to market needs. “We look forward to exploring new avenues and opportunities that will solidify the Malaysia Airlines position in the region and extend our influence globally as the gateway to Asia and beyond,” said Mr. Tan.

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