Top 5 US companies to work with in 2024, as per LinkedIn

The best companies to work for include big names in tech, health care and financial services, according to new research from LinkedIn.

1. JP Morgan Chase & Company

JP Morgan Chase is committed to attracting and upskilling a diverse workforce from initiatives like the Emerging Talent Program, which offers opportunities for candidates without a university degree, to Year Up, a tuition-free development program that converts over 65 percent of participants into full-time roles, the report stated.

2. Amazon

Through its new AI Ready program, Amazon offers free AI skills training to anyone with a desire to learn about generative AI, including its employees. The program, aimed at amplifying the accessibility of AI education, also includes a $12 million commitment in generative AI scholarships.

3. Wells Fargo

Over 90 percent of roles at Wells Fargo focus on relevant skills rather than requiring a college degree. As part of its partnership with OneTen, Wells Fargo's Career Development Program matches employees in entry-to-mid-level roles with training, networking and mentorship opportunities for career growth, the LinkedIn report stated.

4. Deloitte

Through Project 120, Deloitte has committed $1.4 billion to personalized learning and development opportunities for its employees to develop critical leadership skills, such as how to process stress, and tech skills related to areas like AI, quantum computing and 5G.

5. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group offers its employees robust health insurance plans that cover 100 percent of in- network preventive medical and dental care, as well as accident, critical illness and disability insurance coverage.