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Data Axle Launches Native App on Snowflake to Improve Business Data for Customers

The Data Axle Snowflake Clean Room App was launched today at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024. Data Axle is a pioneer in data-driven marketing and business intelligence solutions. Customers may utilize the over 450 data characteristics of over 70 million US companies that are unmatched by the Snowflake Native App for omnichannel activation, audience segmentation, market analysis and data augmentation. Using the speed, size and performance of the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, the application—one of the first of its type to be provided on Snowflake Marketplace—further improves clients’ operational efficiency.

Through the Snowflake Marketplace, customers can now quickly enhance existing first-party data and contribute new insights to increase overall data quality and depth without ever leaving the Snowflake platform. It gives easy access to Data Axle’s broad business data. Using the data as the foundation, customers may create data-derived analytics and insights that can be utilized to identify new customers, direct custom models, ease acquisition and save costs.

Through process optimization, the company program streamlines and expedites the process of supplementing a customer’s business data by gaining access to vital data processing capabilities. Additionally, the program refreshes the data every week, bringing in new information as it becomes available and enhancing the consistency and accuracy of each record.

“Snowflake has been working with Data Axle for years and is pleased to support the launch of this new application to further elevate the customer experience,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Marketplace, Snowflake.

The firm takes great satisfaction in offering unique solutions to its clients and its recent inclusion in The Forrester Wave™: Marketing and Sales Data Providers For B2B, the Q1 2024 leadership rating validates its status as an industry leader in data provision.

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