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Ness Digital Engineering: A Full-lifecycle Digital Engineering Firm Offering Digital Advisory through Scaled Engineering Services

Nurturing Innovation and Sustainability!

The digital transformation industry stands as a crucial catalyst for organizational growth and innovation. With a focus on driving digital excellence, this sector pioneers solutions that redefine business operations and customer experiences. From product engineering to strategic consulting, the industry thrives on pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technologies to propel businesses into the digital age.

Amidst this dynamic landscape emerges a leading player renowned for its expertise in orchestrating digital transformation journeys with precision and agility. Founded in 1999, this company embarked on a journey to revolutionize the digital engineering space, carving a niche for itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital economy. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, this global entity boasts a strategic presence across multiple markets, seamlessly blending innovation with industry acumen to deliver transformative solutions.

Ness Digital Engineering has garnered acclaim for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With a diverse talent pool spanning nine locations worldwide, Ness leverages its global footprint to foster collaboration, accelerate time-to-market, and deliver tailored solutions that bridge the gap between business strategy and technological advancement. As businesses navigate the complexities of digital evolution, Ness stands poised to empower their journey toward sustainable growth and success.

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Driving Digital Transformation Excellence

Founded in 1999 in Israel, Ness began as a specialized outsourced product development firm focusing on product engineering. Since then, the company has expanded its presence into new markets, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and India.

Today, Ness is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, and operates as a full life-cycle digital transformation specialist. It is wholly owned by the global investment firm KKR. With a core competency in engineering, the company seamlessly manages digital transformation journeys from strategy through execution, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

Ness operates innovation hubs and utilizes a combination of nearshore and offshore teams located in Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, and India. This strategic placement leverages geographic proximity, complementary time zones, cultural alignment, and long-term flexibility to facilitate collaboration and accelerate time-to-market.

The company has garnered top rankings from renowned analyst firms such as Zinnov and Forrester. Forrester has recognized Ness as a leading agile company, while Zinnov has labeled it an ER&D Leader. Additionally, ISG has listed the company among the top 15 booming companies. Ness’s contributions have been acknowledged by partners, as evidenced by awards such as Confluent’s co-delivery partner of the year and SI partner of the year for 2023.

Ness delivers solutions for its customers at the intersection of business and technology. It utilizes proprietary methods and tools, data-driven insights, and deep industry expertise to transform products and platforms.

Fostering Digital Innovation Excellence

  • Rooted in Product Engineering Excellence – With a heritage spanning two decades in crafting distinctive enterprise software products, Ness harnesses expertise in product engineering, agile delivery, process automation, and continuous learning to foster agility and efficiency within organizations.
  • Global Diversity at Scale – Operating across nine locations, including innovation hubs and nearshore/offshore teams in Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, and India, Ness capitalizes on geographic proximity, aligned time zones, and diverse talent pools. This strategic setup fosters seamless collaboration and expedites time-to-market, supported by a cadre of digital and industry specialists with a client-centric ethos.
  • Digital Competence within the Ecosystem – Ness facilitates global product development journeys, from identifying high-value opportunities to rapid market realization. The company excels in ideation, validation, design, construction, and scaling of digital ventures and business models. This is achieved through strategic alliances with industry leaders like AWS, Salesforce, Confluent, UiPath, OpenFin, and Snowflake.
  • Bespoke Consulting at the Nexus of Business and Technology – Ness delivers tailored solutions at the convergence of business and technology, leveraging data-driven insights and profound industry acumen to revolutionize products and platforms.

Empowering Digital Evolution

Initially established as an outsourced product development firm, Ness strategically shifted its focus toward Digital Engineering, propelled by a series of strategic investments and acquisitions. The company has cultivated expertise in AWS, Salesforce, Confluent, UiPath, OpenFin, and Snowflake, forging robust partnerships with key players in the digital ecosystem.

Ness specializes in a wide array of digital domains, including cloud engineering, streaming technologies, experience design, intelligent engineering, and data analytics, spanning diverse industries such as fintech, manufacturing, transportation, technology, communications, media, entertainment, and education.

Businesses can harness Ness’s digital transformation-as-a-service model to reimagine customer and employee experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and accelerate the evolution of digital products and platforms. The company assumes end-to-end responsibility for the digital transformation journey, mitigating costs and risks while empowering clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

Augmenting its core services and solutions, Ness integrates an unparalleled depth of industry expertise. Clients benefit from access to a dedicated team of highly proficient professionals with a profound understanding of industry intricacies and market dynamics.

The Center of Excellence (CoE) at Ness amalgamates extensive domain knowledge with digital accelerators to propel businesses toward becoming next-generation connected enterprises. Specializing in engineering digital infrastructure products optimized for scalability, Ness aids clients in streamlining and expediting their digitization endeavors.

In 2023, Ness bolstered its capabilities by acquiring MVP Factory, a renowned specialist in digital product design and corporate venture building. This strategic move solidified Ness’s position as a full-lifecycle digital transformation specialist while broadening its global footprint.

Industry accolades underscore Ness’s trajectory of growth, with Forrester commending the company for its agile delivery prowess and digital platform engineering expertise and Zinnov Zones recognizing Ness as a leader in Engineering R&D Services. Additionally, Ness holds distinctions as a Premier Consulting AWS Partner and an Elite Confluent Partner. The establishment of Centers of Excellence across four major industries further demonstrates Ness’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Fostering Innovation Through Talent

At Ness, talent serves as the driving force propelling the company forward, fostering innovation, and shaping the technological landscape. From software engineering to data analytics, the company’s talented individuals constitute the cornerstone of its success, enabling Ness to push boundaries and surpass expectations within the dynamic digital engineering ecosystem.

Ness operates as a closely knit team across multiple locations, fostering knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices, and facilitation of innovative endeavors. Leveraging innovation hubs and a blend of nearshore and offshore teams situated in Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, and India, Ness capitalizes on geographic proximity, aligned time zones, and cultural harmony to foster seamless collaboration and expedite time-to-market. Nearshore delivery locations play a crucial role in accelerating the development lifecycle, enhancing delivery efficiency, and fortifying client relationships, which is essential in the highly collaborative and iterative realm of Digital Engineering. Ness prioritizes delivering tangible business outcomes characterized by predictability, productivity, and quality through meticulously defined processes.

Ness embraces cutting-edge technologies such as GenAI to enhance product development, employee engagement, and learning and development initiatives. The company fosters innovation through initiatives like innovation challenges and hackathons, fostering the generation of novel ideas. Collaborations with technology partners, academic institutions, and industry experts ensure Ness remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously evolving to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Empowering Digital Transformation

Ness operates as a next-generation firm dedicated to resolving intricate challenges on behalf of its clients. Positioned at the intersection of business and technology, Ness delivers transformative solutions by harnessing data-driven insights and profound industry expertise to revolutionize products and platforms. The company assists clients in global product development endeavors, from identifying lucrative opportunities to swiftly bringing concepts to market. Ness orchestrates the entire process of ideation, validation, design, construction, and scaling of digital ventures and business models, capitalizing on robust alliances with key players in the digital sphere.

With a wealth of engineering proficiency spanning development, system integration, and technology architecture, Ness excels in tackling complex technical hurdles and devising effective solutions. The company offers innovative approaches, leveraging cloud computing, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and experience design to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Employing an integrated methodology, Ness oversees digital transformation journeys for its clients comprehensively. This involves guiding businesses through each phase of the transformation process, from strategy formulation to execution and beyond. Through holistic support, Ness ensures a seamless and efficient transition to a digital-centric mindset.

Ultimately, Ness facilitates the implementation of solutions aimed at streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and driving success in the digital era.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Ness takes great pride in cultivating a diverse leadership team and promoting inclusivity throughout all levels of the organization. Acknowledging the invaluable perspectives and talents that diversity fosters, the company is dedicated to enhancing representation and advancing equity within its workforce. Embracing diversity not only enriches the organizational culture but also ignites innovation, creativity, and resilience. Through deliberate initiatives aimed at providing equal opportunities and nurturing a sense of belonging, Ness strives to establish an environment where every employee can flourish, leverage their distinct strengths, and realize their full potential.

Driving Digital Innovation and Sustainability

Ness remains steadfast in its commitment to driving digital growth and tackling complex challenges within the technology sector.

A primary focus for Ness is the ongoing advancement and application of Generative AI (GenAI). Positioned to revolutionize software development, GenAI offers significant productivity enhancements and accelerates innovation cycles, thereby reducing time to market. However, there exists a misconception within the software development realm that GenAI is solely a code-generation tool. To dispel this notion and fully leverage GenAI’s potential, Ness recently collaborated with Zinnov, a leading management and strategy consulting firm, to publish a white paper. This comprehensive resource delves into the impact of GenAI on software development, elucidating its technological and psychological drivers of engineering productivity, as well as its long-term implications on business and organizational design. The study underscores that GenAI implementation not only enhances productivity but also facilitates deeply assisted context, enabling seamless globalized work processes.

Furthermore, Ness’s GenAI studio integrates business strategy and technical expertise to offer end-to-end services in Generative AI, from conceptualization to realization. This empowers businesses to rapidly prototype and develop custom GenAI solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Sustainability is another pivotal area of focus for Ness. With mounting concerns about climate change, organizations are striving to achieve Net Zero goals. As a top-tier Salesforce Net Zero specialized partner, Ness has a proven track record of successfully implementing Salesforce Net Zero solutions for Fortune 100 clients. Leveraging a tiered approach to sustainability maturity and solution bundles, Ness provides an iterative and incremental pathway to sustainability management. Its tailored solutions have enabled businesses to enhance their environmental impact, reduce emissions, and accelerate sustainable action.

Moving forward, Ness remains dedicated to delivering digital transformation services to assist businesses in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. A key priority is tailoring solutions to specific industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail. By comprehensively understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector, Ness will develop specialized offerings to effectively address industry-specific needs.