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On Completion of Subang Airport Renovation, the Projected Annual Gross Output to Reach 8.7 billion

The renovation of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (LTSAAS) in Subang, Selangor aims to yield an estimated annual gross output of RM8.7 billion upon its completion in 2030. KLIA Aeropolis Sdn Bhd’s Randhill Singh stated that the redesign will optimize land use, enhancing airport capacity and economic contribution, expected to boost Selangor’s GDP by one percent. Through phased demolition of underutilized hangars, the project aims to increase the gross floor area from 1.7 billion to 3.9 billion square feet.

He outlined plans for the renovation, which entail demolishing structures and roads to optimize land usage and reintroduce jet operations. By the month’s end, two jets will be accommodated, with interim jet operations underway. Presently, the airport can accommodate 11 ATR aircraft; however, the redesign will allow for housing five ATR aircraft and six jets. Additionally, the site will cater to helicopter business aviation, filling a gap not addressed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Cargo services currently in Subang will relocate to KLIA. Furthermore, KTM commuter services to the airport will be revived after the project’s initial phase completion. The airport currently accommodates 1.5 million passengers, with phased expansion targeting a capacity of three million this year and eight million by 2030.

The incremental renovation of the urban airport, business aviation, and aerospace ecosystem in Subang will prioritize sustainability initiatives. Randhill highlighted that this revitalization effort will generate employment opportunities across various skill levels, referencing the establishment of ExecuJet MRO Services in Subang.

“It allows us to be competitive, to keep up with the regional competition,” Randhill said.

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